Density Petroleum Kit

Density Petroleum Kit

Product Code: 2002

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With NABL Calibration Certificate

Cat. No.
Density Petroleum Kit ISI mark (with NABL Calibration Certificate) Containing :
Hydrometer ISI Marked M-50 SP 0.700-0.750 g/ml 1pcs
Hydrometer ISI Marked M-50 SP 0.750-0.800 g/ml 1pcs
Hydrometer ISI Marked M-50 SP 0.800-0.850 g/ml 1pcs
O Thermometer Range -10 to 50 C (Least count. 0.25) 1pcs
Whatman Filterpaper No. 2 (90 mm) 1pcs
Water Paste 100 gms. 1pcs
Oil Paste (Dip Paste) 100 gms. 1pcs
Glass Jar Borosilicate 500ml. 1pcs
Calibration Certificate for Density Hydrometers & Thermometers. (Traceable from N.P.L. Certificate) All goods packed in a convenient moulded case pack.